The Maestro and the Dance is a new exhibition that takes an in-depth look at
the creative vision of Maestro Florencio Valey of Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa and the world of Guatemalan dance culture. 

This special exhibit will explore sources of Valey’s inspiration and creative process as well as examine his connection to the cultural practices of the Guatemalan dance tradition at large. Highlights of the exhibit will include a vibrant display of complete costumes and dance masks from Valey’s own presentation of the “Moors and Christians,” a troupe of dancing devil costumes, family photographs, personal letters, and a selection of dance texts from Xipe Projects’ never-before-exhibited cache of Guatemalan Loas. 

Who participates in the danzas tradicionales (or traditional dances) of Guatemala? What is the meaning behind the dance?
And how does Valey, as just one particular artist working within the tradition, incorporate elements of both history, and innovation? 

Explore these questions and more when Xipe Projects reopens this December with

The Maestro and the Dance.